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Canada College (St.Petersburg, Russia) was founded in 1993 by St.Petersburg State University, Municipal Cultural Centre (Mayor's Office, St.Petersburg) and Canada Christian College (Toronto, Ontario). The idea behind the project was to provide a unique opportunity for Russian and former USSR students to receive education combining the best of the famous Russian academic traditions with up-to-date Canadian and American methods, approaches and equipment.

The College accepts secondary school graduates and people willing to receive bachelor degree in its two departments - Foreign Languages and Business Administration. Every year the College accepts about 50 students into each department. Teachers of Canada College are some of the best professors and instructors from St.Petersburg State University who teach according to the curriculum designed specially for the College and approved by the Canadian partner. The College curriculum is fully compatible with those of St.Petersburg University departments of Modern Languages, Journalism and Management. Academic year consisting of two semesters starts in October and ends in June. Students spend a period of three years at the College with an opportunity to continue their education and graduate from the University.

English language is one of the key subjects in both departments. Students are divided into small groups according to their initial skills and their further placement depends on their individual progress. Each student has five classes of English a week (10 hours) covering grammar, conversation, reading, writing and other aspects of language competence.

The College is located in the beautiful ensemble of the Smolny monastery (built by Rastrelli for Elizabeth, Peter the Great's daughter in the middle of the eighteenth century) and has both lecture rooms and small rooms ideal for practical classes. There is a modern computer room and various video-audio facilities including satellite TV. The College is a very open institution and welcomes cooperation from our potential Canadian, North-American and European partners.

We also teach short- and long-term Russian language, literature and culture courses in association with St.Petersburg State University.

Address Entrance 7, 1/3 Smolny Street, St. Petersburg, 193060 Russia
Tel. +7 (812) 327-13-33, +7 (812) 271 90 58, +7 (812) 324 07 44

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